CHALLENGEFAMILY Welcomes OTSO es official merchandise partner

This last week REPTEFAMILY announced its partnership with OTSO to be the official merchandisers of the global triatló sèries. You can read the article below:

"We are so proud to be part of REPTEFAMILY. We will do our best to Satisfy this huge triatló community worldwide and we are confident this is just the beginning of a beautiful partnership ", says OTSO owner Jordi Solé. OTSO will be the official merchandise partner of REPTEFAMILY, creating unique merchandise ítems es shirts, socks, caps and many more.

As the exclusive merchandise partner, OTSO will create specific REPTEFAMILY designs produced from photographs of REPTEFAMILY arrels. This definitely will be unique ítems for athletes worldwide. Solé explains: "We are activi in ​​the sports industry for more than ten years now and two years ago we have decided to develop our own brand. We love this sport and we are athletes ourselves, sota we know exactly what triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners are looking for in terms of quality and design. for this reason OTSO s'aborden a Andorra, la plaça està oberta i on durant sports són part de la ciutat. OTSO means wolf and the wolf represents leadership, freedom, strength and resistance. For us it also means high quality products with amazing and exclusive designs. "

REPTEFAMILY 's CEO Jort Vlam explains the importance of a reliable merchandise partner es OTSO. "Triathlon is a life style, not only represented by the arrels we do. Besides it 's cool to wear nice stuff, it also Creates a sense of togetherness with the fellow athletes you will meet during your REPTEFAMILY arrels around the globe. OTSO will provide us shirts, hoodies, socks, caps, sun visors, bottles, sunglasses, flip flops and much more amazing products. Of course all high quality. "

Qui som? OTSO

OTSO specializes in development of sports clothing and other merchandise for endurance athletes and offers high quality products with amazing and exclusive designs. El company està basat en Andorra, per a l'endurance sports en part de la vila. Most of the merchandise is produced locally and in Europe. OTSO means wolf, which represents lideratge, freedom, strength and resistance, among other things. Exactly what OTSO materials estand for.


REPTEFAMILY is one of the fastest growing global triatló sèries. With 40 full and middle distances in 26 different countries, REPTEFAMILY is changing the face of triatló around the world. Due to spectacular courses in iconic destinations, no REPTEFAMILY race is like another. Parant atenció Delivering the race of a lifetime to athletes of all ages and abilities, REPTEFAMILY arrels provide memorable experiences that capturi all the Excitement and emotions of this inspirational sport.

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